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James Massacci was born in a declining steel mill town to a blue collar family, at 7 his father left and almost never seeing him he was raised mostly by his mother. His mother taught him compassion for life, forgiveness and empathy. He saved his money through construction work and moved to Las Vegas, after several years of dedication and a strong entrepreneurial spirit he was able to build a successful consulting firm. In 2003 he moved to Florida and started investing in real estate, today he is a full time realtor and artist. His art has been previously on exhibit nationwide and is currently being sold to private collectors.

Artists statement

“Where do I start? Lol. At 8 years old my father said to me “I don’t want you to ever be like me.” And all I could think about for weeks and months after that was NOW WHAT??? I was so confused. So after years of struggling to find my identity I decided to take all the good pieces of the many great men I have met in my life and I built the man I wanted to become. I grew up in a chaos and as a survival skill I learned to pay attention to what motivates people to do what they do. I hope my simplistic style of art is a reminder that everything can be so simple. We make it complicated."