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Mineia Martins


Mineia Martins, Brazilian photographer, was born in October of 1978 in Goiás - Brazil. Mineia studied Dentistry at Tuiuti University of Parana, Brazil. Later attending photography classes at ISCTE Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Mineia graduated from the European Center of the city of Curitiba - Paraná. Mineia also studied Communication Design at IADE Creative University - Lisbon Portugal and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

Designer, photographer and illustrator, Mineia’s photography is very comprehensive. You will find her work has enormous contrasts and shadows, vibrant and varied colors, and a wide range of subjects including; arid deserts, great animals, birds and trees. Memorializing her travels and reflecting the personal and professional aspects of life. Her great passion is to register the grandeur of nature, it is not very common that she photographs people.

Mineia has worked as a freelance communications designer for several companies in Mozambique, Namibia and Brazil and her portfolio consists of a collection of records over the years in many countries where she passed, please refer to below list for an example:
Brazil - Mozambique - South Africa - Swaziland - Namibia - Andorra - Switzerland - Holland - Belgium - Greece - France - Germany - United Kingdom - Portugal - Argentina - Paraguay - Uruguay, are some of many points on the globe where she records unique images. She currently resides in Miami where she consults on several Interior Design and photography projects.