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Sarah Huxley-Parlour



I wanted to achieve in my photographs a magical, abstract feel of the sea and surrounding shoreline. I found myself drawn to the colorful painted wooden Mediterranean fishing boats and by photographing a very small area of paint on the hull of these boats whilst on shore, I was able to produce stunning, vibrant, abstract photographs reflecting the sea, sky and coastline. I find it extraordinary that a simple click of the camera lens can produce such jewels of the sea.


Sarah Huxley-Parlour is British, living in Wiltshire near Stonehenge. Since a young age she has always had a camera with her inspired by the landscape around her.

For many years she had a studio in Bath and she now concentrates on her own projects; “Tales Of the Sea” is her latest one. This is the first major showing of her work although her photographs have been featured in prominent interior design homes.