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Tabasom Noorbakhsh


Tabasom was born in 1980 in Tehran, Iran, and studied International Affairs and Applied Art at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Since 2002, her work has been exhibited and is included in collections such as Art Basel Miami, Georgetown University exhibit, Frame Art Gallery, SOMIArtWalk, Brickell ArtWalk, Coconut Grove ArtWalk, Mogra Gallery, Bikram Arlington Yoga/Gallery and Park Slope, NY.

Tabasom’s work is a unique form of Art Therapy, whereby the color combinations and patterns help improve the physical, mental and emotional well being of the viewer as they benefit from the healing powers of the art. Her work explores transformation, authenticity, and duality while offering balance and healing. Her work is not only decorative but therapeutic so she uses her art for philanthropic purposes for various charities, spiritual and holistic centers, as well upcoming rehabilitation and empowerment of women’s prison groups through the LEAP project.

The Sunset Chakra series was created to reduce stress and improve self-esteem and awareness during a stressful transition in her life. The underlying message communicated through this series is the mantra “after the storm comes a rainbow,” which aided in the healing process when she hit rock bottom following a divorce. The eye symbolizes protection and a firebomb from her childhood. The soothing aqua and blue tones in the shape of Fibonacci infinity in the water coupled with the bright rainbow colors contrast the crackling neon orange and reds beneath that represent bleeding and pain. This piece marked her transformation from victim to empowered as it provided her with a deeper understanding of herself. It represents tolerance, love, healing, positive energy and awakening of the third eye.

The Butterfly Project is Tabasom’s symbolic interpretation of metamorphosis. Survival depends on our ability to successfully enter and exit various stages in our lives. The Butterflies also symbolize a state of Nirvana, or eternal happiness that we strive to achieve in our physical worlds. The use of resin preserves the paintings against time and aging. The textures encourage the paintings to be touched, stimulating a personal relationship with the canvas and the energy of the artist. ?? She blends methods of Pop Art with craft-making to create a unique style of “jewelry on canvas.”

Tabasom continues to work on the Butterfly and Sunset Chakra series in addition to other installations. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild Union and also a commercial/print model represented by Talent Direct Agency. She recently auditioned for the hit TV Show Shark Tank to find an investor for her therapeutic Art Merchandising business.

Tabasom resides in Miami, FL.


Artist Statement

"I am a survivor of two wars and use the creative art of painting as therapy to deal with the trauma of my childhood. The Post traumatic shock I experienced from nightly air bombings during the Iran Iraq war and Iranian Revolution, coupled with the separation from my father for 10 years as a refugee in America, left my body and mind out of balance. Through art, I am able to express my traumatic memories, recover and heal by building strength to normalize my life. Painting washes me with a sense of safety and self soothing through reconnection with my most creative authentic self. Thankfully, I am in an incredible state of empowerment at this stage in my life and my work is a way for me to connect with and help heal others through color therapy.

My work is deeply influenced by science and spirituality; the synergy of thousands of years of embedded DNA connecting me with my ancestors coupled with Solfeggio music I play as I paint; 528hz LOVE frequency connecting the heart and spirit. I find solace using Solfeggio tones to calm the overactive mind and connect with the divine creator, connecting reality with heaven, manifesting miracles and blessings. My art is how I integrate science with spirituality."