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KCatia Creole Art


I grew up in Paris France. My parents’ roots are in the French West Indies, India and Bretagne. As a child I was not exposed to my creole heritage and was surrounded by Art everywhere in my daily life. I always wanted to be a painter but my parents oriented my studies towards World Languages. Life brought me to the United States where I started a career as a world language teacher. I majored in Education with a Master and took as many art classes I could to feed my passion for painting. The last course I took with Virginia Common Wealth University in 2009 was a post graduate class with professional artists. I was in heaven and thankful for this opportunity. From this moment I started painting again and never stopped.

I’m still working as a full time World Language teacher and paint whenever I can. I have sold some of my paintings to private collectors. My work was featured twice on national television on the French channel France Ô, which covers regional talents in Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

Artist Statement

"In recent years, I decided to visit the French West Indies to discover and to photograph my creole heritage. There I fell in love with the land, the elegance of its people, creole traditions, in particular with the Madras creole attire.
My work celebrates the elegance, the spirituality, and dignity of the creole woman despite all the hardships suffered from History, such as slavery, or the difficulties in her daily life as a wife or a mother. In my paintings I want to portray the timeless resilient beauty of her soul. One of my goals is to associate creole culture to peace and elegance, to give the mulatto or mestizo a noble representation in fine arts...

My painting techniques are a blend of illustration, realism, naive art and painterly approaches. My work is bright, colorful and rich in details. I want to uplift the viewer’s spirit and share energy of triumph."