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Fidel Aguiar


Born in Havana, Cuba, Fidel Aguiar came to the United States in 1968 at the age of nine on the Freedom Flights settling in Miami, Florida. Fidel began working with his uncle in the marble business in the seventh grade and has worked with stone for forty years, including four years for Gallo Marble owned by Enzo Gallo, renowned sculptor.

His love for working with natural stone continued when he started Marble Designs, a successful marble and granite business in Naples, Florida. After selling the business that he owned for ten years, he celebrated his Cuban heritage by starting another successful business, Café Plantain, a Cuban restaurant. Retiring from a third career in the construction industry, Aguiar is devoting himself full time to his first love, sculpting in marble, granite and quartzite.

Fidel Aguiars' marble and granite sculptures along with his “Time Art” pieces have abstract themes which develop from the stone, his imagination and his will to create. His work expresses emotions in hard surfaces. After 30 years of sculpting for himself, he is now sharing his work with the world.

Fidel’s love for the arts continues to inspire him in working with other mediums as well. His love for vibrant and bold colors was a factor in influencing him to teach himself to paint with acrylic on canvas, producing abstract pieces that rivals many master painters.

Artist Statement

"As an abstract sculptor working with marble, granite and quartzite I enjoy expressing my consuming interest in the relationships between humans, earth and the universe. I have been working with stone for more than 30 years and enjoy sculpting abstract art for both the visual and creative sides of the audience; a passion I enjoy sharing very much...

I consider myself a somewhat green sculptor since I use a more conservative process in creating my sculptures. While I still rely on earth resources, I take great pride in being less wasteful and smarter in the overall process. For centuries, most sculptors would pick out a large block of marble or granite and then sculpt their work leaving tons of waste that pileup and can never be used for anything else. However, my sculptures are table top pieces allowing me to be more conservative with the stone which provides me with great satisfaction that I am contributing in a small way...

All of my sculptures are handmade, no templates are used in the cutting process and pieces are laminated with the strongest epoxies known to mankind to achieve a bond that will last forever. I continue to develop myself as an abstract sculptor showing the audience my love, passion and will for sculpting of abstract art pieces...

As a self-taught acrylic on canvas abstract artist I have no limitations or fear on how I apply paint to canvas. I just do it and love on how the colors co-mingle with each other to produce a magnificent and unique one of a kind painting. When I start painting on a blank canvas I really have no idea of what the outcome will be, but as paint starts to be applied colorful images begin to evolve and I start to get an idea of how it’s going to end. The process of creating an incredible abstract painting has become another passion for me as I continue to develop myself as a multi-media artist...

I love life, respect God and feel blessed to be living in the USA. I hope I am rewarded with many years of great health and strength to continue and enjoy my strong passions for creating sculptures in marble, granite and acrylic paintings"

Fidel Aguiar