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Annika Banko

Annika Banko paints with gestural methods and expressive color to convey her response to life and nature.

Her technique alludes to a mental space beyond the pictorial. Over the years, she has developed a dynamic style, emphasizing loose forms and a prismatic richness of color. She brings a successful, passionate and contemporary approach to abstract expressionism. Annika has mastered the patience necessary to achieve controlled spontaneity.

Although the final appearance of her composition retains the brilliance of bold gesturalism, Annika has understood the advantage of waiting, sometimes for days on end, as the painting inhabits itself before painting again with confident new strokes of color. “Action painting” is the key element in her work. The use of large palette knives, handled with precision, produce dramatic changes that rival the punctuation of dry-brushed areas.

Annika approaches her canvas directly, in the moment. She uses her entire body to create the work, mysteriously generating a power that contains the observer in a moment of deep reflection.