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Born in north of France on August 22, 1972. I grew up in north of France at the edge of the North Sea. I have two brothers older than me. In 1984, my father died in a terrible accident. I still remember that I was drawing when I heard the news. It was a very big shock. I think this event has given me creative energy. When I was 18 years old I moved to Paris with my mother and my brothers. In 1997, I went to Lyon where I currently reside. My work is a tribute to my father.

Artist's statement

My style incorporates a medley of current materials and influences from abstract expressionist American painters. I work with glue, resin, oil painting, and acrylic, collage... on canvas or wood. I have developed my own techniques. I’m inspired primarily by my youth elements especially the oil tankers I so frequently saw in the North Sea (Blocks series, sheet metal series and hull oil tanker series). I like to work more spontaneously as in the paintings titled "waves" made with spray on canvas. Finally, the series “transfert” totally made in oil painting is a representation of snow bike tracks.

I am a researcher of art, a builder. I build, I destroy and I build and destroy again.

What matters to me is the search for the perfect balance between colors, materials and graphics by integrating the creative power.

Exhibitions in France: Lyon, Paris.
Exhibitions Abroad: Genève, Lausanne (Switzerland).