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Sarah Fraser

Sarah Frasers’ artistic expression was seeded during her early years of professional training and career experiences as a network TV Make-Up artist and Cosmologist in New York. Her move physically and spiritually to Jerusalem in the early 1980’s, profoundly impacted her style, techniques, and subject matters. It was there that she began to develop into one of the worlds most accomplished portrait artists of famous Jewish personalities. Her portraits have received wide acclaim in “Judaica” circles in Israel and the U.S.

In more recent works Sarah has departed from the realm of portraits. She has now begun designing and creating a number of works composed of an unusual variety of textural mediums; including materials from various locations throughout the Holy Land. This series of works are aimed at stimulating a deeper level of thought and emotion in the viewer, while at the same time providing engaging and entertaining aesthetic content. Sarah is currently adapting these techniques and materials to larger applications such as murals and wall designs which can be customized for a variety of different settings, decors, and locations.