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Oksana Kirpenko

Oksana Kirpenko was born in Ukraine. Realizing her interest for art at an early age, she went through all the steps in classic art education, starting from a magnet art school, then an Academy of Art, next to a post graduate institution, and lastly probation in Italy.

Being a very active artist, Oksana works in lots of different media, such as oil, gouache, watercolor, pencil drawing, and prints (etching, stencil, and linocut). She participated in more than 70 International and National exhibitions and biennales, and performed more than 17 personal expositions in Ukraine, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, and other countries.

Oksana’s artworks can be found in the Ukrainian National Art Museum, National Museum of History, and many private collections all over the world. Oksana Kirpenko presents an extended focus in her creative activity. While picking a major theme, the artist creates a large series of art works, where every piece is an inalienable part of a virtual world, and nothing is accidental: neither technique, nor size or color. From black and white drawings of “City chronicles”, to the big colorful painting of “Titanica”, and huge decorative panels of “Tree of Life”.

Once finished with one artistic mission, Oksana moves to another, every time performing the highest level of creativity and professionalism, surprising the public and collectors with her new unforgettable masterpieces.