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Ne Cano

Ne Cano was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1966, she is an Architect at the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1991 and since then combines with Plastic Architecture creating and teaching. It was formed in childhood with the painter Francisco Soto Mesa and has been awarded a scholarship in Italy by the Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid. Her works have been individually and collectively exhibited in different European countries.

She has won numerous awards among which include: Ideas Competition for Urban Furniture in Toledo Monumental, Remodeling Contest Public Square in Cubas de la Sagra, Madrid, Annual Painting Prize 2010 Competition Majadahonda, Madrid, Minicuadros Prize International Competition 2014, Elda Prize Award.

Artist Statement:

"My compositions are based on repetitive elements that offer different interpretations of the same subject, through which dialogue geometry, surface, material and color, being all powered by the sought of light and shadow that give my work a sculptural aspect effects. They are living works inhabited by shadows, compositions with reliefs become the stage of light and shadows. Looking sobriety, simplicity and balance...

Important is the careful geometry in the design of work: Squares as carriers transmitted balance and harmony, rectangles of golden proportions in the background, and these elements are repeated ... series horizontal or vertical towers that are compositional criteria architectural facade. Geometry within geometry. The monochrome paintings, which evolve to pure white, can approach the current Italian Spatialism and would be related to certain works of Spanish artist Gerardo Rueda, in what has been called Constructivist Abstraction."