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Henry Alviar


Architecture is my profession, art is my passion. I'm Colombian and engage in the national and international stage with my metal sculptures, I started exhibiting in Barranquilla Colombia, a city where you can see some of my most representative works designed for public spaces.

I now work in smaller formats, which can be purchased as a decorative accessory for lovers of contemporary art in metal, which motivated me to think beyond borders and international markets, and that is why in association with a plant in Miami I am marketing my work, with high expectations to meet this large market.

Working in a series that was called the "Carnaval de Barranquilla", and I chose because I am convinced that will appeal not only for Colombia but for any citizen elsewhere, that marvels at their colorful, and its inexhaustible wealth of culture and folklore it represents.

I enjoy working with sheet metal, removing its rigidity, highlighting volumes and color shapes the object of my inspiration, making disturbing and striking.

I feel that through this artistic expression, with undeniable Caribbean line, you can extend a different proposition to be expressed to the major urban works, which project our identity with great appreciation and acceptance.