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Attached to the world of childhood, the artist, Zianco, creates works whereby authenticity, originality, and imagination are the basis of her work. This self-taught artist is cultivating her innate gift of painting through using multiple mediums and through artistic encounters since the age of 14 years. Ziaco has spent countless years painting the mural of object design, ceramics, and sculpture with always as much passion and famous collaborations.....

Zianco started a new challenge in 2012 with adapting the use of UV light in her paintings which were used for nightlife and DJ settings that have opened new horizons to create set scenes, theater and in the world of the night.

Little by little her characters frozen on the canvas, take life evolving into sculptures. The challenge for Zianco in 2013 has been Marseille - Provence 2013 (MP 2013); the city of European capital of culture.

With many exhibitions all the year, Zianco has represented the Armenian consulate of Marseille, The Franco-Armenian Chamber of Commerce, the Prefecture of Marseille and many more cities...Zianco has reached her challenge in 2013 to bring her art beyond the borders of France to reach Miami, a place she particularly likes...

Zianco supports multiple associations and foundations.
Currently, she wishes to create set-design scenes, scenery and international exhibitions around the world and thus proving that her art will continue to serve good causes.