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Wessel J. Huisman

About Wessel Johannes Huisman (The Netherlands, 1954)

Whilst going to the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Arnhem in 1979, Wessel Huisman studied history at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. In 1981 he graduated with honors in social and economic history.

Immediately after he graduated at the Academy in Arnhem in 1984, Wessel Huisman became Managing Director of the same institute. From then onwards he has had numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, especially in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. His work has also been exhibited in Asia - Japan, Vietnam and South Korea. Since 2006 he has worked full-time as a visual artist and photographer. In 1990 Wessel Huisman became a respected member of the artist association Malkasten in Düsseldorf.

Artist statement: ‘In the Light of Reality’

Traveling through time

Wessel Huisman paints light. As a starting point he often utilizes old black and white photographs. He is not interested in the nostalgic images as such but is fascinated by the working of memories and how they affect the way one experiences the present.

During the last twenty years he has noticed that the light captured in these photographs and in his paintings offer him an opportunity to travel through time. He calls attention to what images and memories people carry with them. He then releases them and lets them slip into the present.

Space representation

The artist: ‘During the period, when I returned to simple ‘painting light’, I discovered a different way of suggesting space, which had been examined by artists such as Mondriaan and Van der Leck. As opposed to space-illusion, which can be evoked by applying the laws of perspective, I developed a notion, which I call space-representation. Van der Leck talks about ‘flat spatiality’. It is space that takes shape in one’s head’.

In the paintings by Huisman, small accents are visible that have nothing to do with the representation on the painting. Lines and rectangle areas, fat, thin, big or small, bring a balance in the composition, contributing to the representation of space, by the artist referred to as ‘The Generous Space’.

Art Gallery Peter van Os
The Flying Dutchman
Fine Art

Represents Wessel J. Huisman

Art Gallery Peter van Os is situated in The Netherlands, representing Dutch contemporary artists around the world.
Flying Dutchman Peter van Os is a well respected Dutch Art Dealer, Appraiser and Curator. International Collectors and Museums appreciate his great expertise.

Being 3rd generation Antiques & Fine Art Dealer, Peter is an enthusiast Collector of Contemporary Art.

About the artist Wessel J. Huisman, Peter says:

‘When I first met Wessel, we were both traveling in Asia. Fall 2012, two tall Dutch guys that found each other easily in a big crowd.
At that time, I wasn’t aware of him being the artist of an incredible oeuvre. Although I was familiar with his work, we never actually met. Back in Holland, we found out that we live only 15 minutes from each other!

Another unique love we have in common is our admiration for the music composed by Erik Satie.
It turns out that Wessel plays the composition ‘Gnossiennes’ every morning while meditating and writing down his first thoughts of the day.

Wessel has an everlasting interest in light and space. His paintings make me aware of times and places in a way that touches very deep and make me want to be part of his world.

I am very proud to present the work of Wessel Johannes Huisman in Miami, Florida’.

Art Gallery Peter van Os published the IBook:
Wessel Johannes Huisman, In the Light of Reality
A free publication is available in the IBook store (October 2013).