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Irene Persa


Irene Persa (Madrid, 1988) is given in body and soul to painting and sculpture. After finishing a Fine Arts Degree in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she has thrown herself into the task of reclaiming reality´s magic, without any trick, originality, freshness and technique by every of her works. She has been focused in the study and transformation of environment and models through the painting from Nature. She has also worked as sculptor, specially developing stone and iron works, always pointed in order to show up the hardest, most aggressive and rough side of reality.

Her works have been individually and collectively exhibited in different European countries, and this time will be the first one that her paintings are in America. She feels this opportunity as a challenge of a new exciting experience which she expects to be rewarding for both parties.


Claiming Nature as artist´s inspiration is not something new. In fact, artistic modernity began by looking into the constant search of the genuine, natural and naïve human´s state of mind to thirst after authenticity and escape from the contemporary society´s tricks. My paintings are provided from those sources but also from the tradition and experience that many painters have evidenced in their works by capturing in them the Mediterranean light as an expression of life itself, joy of living and gladness of staring at our surrounding natural environment which can remain tame or wild as water is.

My painting is a way to bring magic to the present moment, helping Nature to show up through my interpretation, not as an object, not as a profit, but as an answer to unasked queries, as a quarry to evanescence answer about meaning of life.