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Felix Semper

Felix Semper Artist Statement

Inspired in part by the work of Picasso, Pollock, Basquiat and numerous modern artists Felix Semper works to unpack the concrete forms that are his inspiration in order to uncover the essence that lies within. His works offer a vision of the human capacity for passion, sentiment and expansive emotionality. With a strong emphasis on form, he combines a variety of different materials, techniques, and styles to construct his vision.

A hallmark of Semper's work is the passionate creativity he brings to each canvas. This, combined with his flowing compositions, offers a sense of wholeness and completion, a chance to go deep within to gain a better perspective on the larger truths of our human existence. In the end, Semper wishes to offer his viewers “A chance to enter the world of art thru the imagination”.

Born in Cuba, previously lived in Spain and Miami, currently resides in North Carolina, with a passion for travel Felix Semper has experienced the most remote and most populous corners of the world and draws his inspiration from them.