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RANDEE began painting at a young age, born into the artistic nature of New York. Her passion to pursue art is nothing short of destiny. In the 1980's she began working with Textile Prints in the creative capital Miami, Florida. As a Designer, RANDEE assisted artists with textile renderings. Participation in several local and regional art shows helped RANDEE to gain enough recognition to inevitably sell designs to many of today’s South Florida’s manufacturers.

The self-trained & award winning artist is best known for her colorful composition. You will also notice the graceful movements in RANDEE's work within her profoundly reflective paintings. Her unique taste for texture perception has become increasingly well received in the art world, having made custom pieces for the personal homes of Hollywood celebrities.

The artist’s value is heavily steeped in the appreciation of contemporary abstract art. Her paintings portray the significance of the harmonious balance between human emotions & nature. Much like a Kandinsky, the representational elements are removed, leaving paintings that communicate through the pure abstract language of symbols, shapes, and most importantly, color. RANDEE’s gift and ability to combine color has made her an expert at her craft.

Randee has donated paintings to several non-profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Anti-Defamation League. Looking toward the future, RANDEE is working on an art curriculum for children in local hospitals as this gifted artist is driven by her passion for philanthropy.

The Value of RANDEE’s Artwork is the Trophy Itself