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Victor Bregeda

About Victor Bregeda

The artist Victor Bregeda was born in 1963 in the city of Taganrog, Russia into a family of painters. The artist states that he has been painting since he can first remember himself. After attending an art school, Bregeda made a decision to move forward with his personal interpretation of creative art putting himself in sharp contrast with the academic art training.

Victor's art quickly became popular and won recognition in local and international contests. In early 2000, Victor's career took a new turn when he was invited to promote his work in the U.S. His first art shows in Hawaii became instant success. Since then Bregeda art has been gaining steady prominence in the international art world.

Bregeda has been often compared to Salvador DalĂ­ and other masters of the surrealistic genre. While this comparison has been flattering, Victor's artworks carry significant signs of individuality not easily attributed to other artists. Bregeda art commands attention, it is both subtle and powerful. It is timeless, thought provoking, elevating in substance, and is flawlessly done.

Victor currently splits his time between the United States and Russia. He enjoys exploring new international scenes and pushing his artistic creativity to the new levels. Musicians Carlos Santana, Pink Floyd, Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks; boxer Oscar De La Hoya have collected Bregeda as have actors Burt Reynolds, Connie Seleca, and John Tesh.

Artistic Statement

The key genres of my artwork are plein aire landscapes, still life compositions and portraits performed in a meta-realistic style with strong roots in subconscious philosophy. I use a variety of techniques and materials while trying to invent new ones. I attempt to reveal the true nature of things hidden from empirical understanding.

I have been particularly influenced by the smooth techniques espoused by the Dutch school of painting. The artists who inspired me the most were Leonardo Da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Bruegel, Max Ernst, and Nikolai Rerikh. I like the French school of the 18th - 19th centuries as well as the works of Andrew Wyeth. I grew up in a strong creative environment. My artistic abilities are in my blood, thanks to my forefathers.