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Karole Moe

About The Artist

Karole has been an artist her entire life. From a very young age she was drawing and sketching. Her interest led her to study Graphic Design and Illustration at Iowa State University. Over the years her art has evolved under the influence of masters like Keith Haring, Jackson Pollack and Mark Rothko.

In 2010, in true starving artist fashion, she began working on ply-wood (because it was often discarded) and with half-filled house paint cans from friends. She finishes the art pieces with a two-part epoxy resin, which enriches the work. The “liquid glass” surface keeps the paint vibrant and allows Karole to stimulate the depth and motion in her stripes.

In the summer of 2010 she began showing her art at the SOWA Open Market in Boston’s South End. Her paintings on odd shaped wood remnants sold well and quickly people began to commission work. A Boston restaurant commissioned a 16-piece series for their opening.

By her second season at SOWA, Karole had developed a loyal following of customers looking to add her distinct art to other rooms of their homes. Her tables were featured in the showroom of a well-known Boston Designer and the commission work evolved into fine art as she began to work on birch panels. By the end of the Summer of 2011, Karole was picked up by The Sharpe Gallery in Kennebunk Maine, marking another important milestone in her career as an artist.

In addition to art, Karole has worked for a number of years as a visual merchandiser and interior designer. Her experiences in these fields enhance her ability to create art and furniture that can compliment any interior.

Karole lives and paints in Medford MA, and she also does interior design and manages Mohr & McPherson a preeminent furniture importer in Boston.