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Olivia Jane Kapoor

Artist Statement

Who is Olivia J. Kapoor? And what kind of an artist is she…in her own words? "Art in general, has always been a passion of mine, from the time I was a little girl. Sometimes, the use of words alone make encompassing the emotions that we feel, very difficult. It’s hard enough not knowing what each moment will bring. For me, the countless tubes and bottles of paint, slightly dirty brushes, and a fresh canvas are like being on an open road with an endless amount of possibility… just waiting for me, up ahead. When I paint I challenge myself to make each brush stroke really count; I try to let emotion drive them [even if only out of frustration]. Each painting has to be spectacular [or as close to that undertaking, as possible] all on its own.

In my college years, I went through a phase in which ‘time’ was a re-occurring theme in my work. Now, I try to pair each painting with a satire-like title. I consider my work to be very… non-politically correct, in that, ironically I have never formally taken a painting class. Rather, I use the elements that I have learned from various art classes, such as drawing and ceramics, in my work. That being said, [I think] that is the reason why people enjoy the way I use colors and create content. And while my work does hold some social standing, [for both women and men…or lack there of] I leave that up to the viewer to find.

The artist that I most appreciate is Salvador Dali. His ability to, not only stand out amongst other artists of his era, but also collectively portray his own “insanity,” amazes me".

Artist Biography

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Olivia Kapoor has an associate's degree in art and was the 2009 National Award Winner of the American Red Cross art competition. Although this artist currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona, her favorite place to periodically visit is Jerome, Arizona.