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Barbara Frank

After receiving a BA and MA in psychology and having two children, I became a student at the Barnes Foundation of Art in the Philadelphia area.
Although looking at art had always been a passion, I had never attempted to create it. The Barnes classes led me to buy paint and brushes and I have been at the easel for thirty years.

My paintings are the expression of ideas and feelings by means of pure color and forms. For many years the work was never narrative and did not depict an image. Each painting is an object unto itself and shows a fascination with
the purity and clarity of geometric abstraction. Recently I have been including beads and stones in my work and painting recognizable objects. I know that I spend more time thinking about how and what to paint, than actually applying the paint. I am pleased that people tell me that my work gives off positive energy.

To me, my work is about creating order and precision in a world filled with chaos, disorder and violence. While the mathematically based order of the work reflects intellectualism, the passionate use of color provides the emotional content.