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Ivan Jorge Roque


Born December 27, 1991, Ivan J. Roque also known as The Lost Artist hence the name TLA, is a neo-pop/ urban artist from the Miami, Florida. Raised in the infamous inner city known as Carol City he has always had a passion for art, music and culture alike. He currently studies at the Miami International University of Art

Artist Statement

Ivan's artwork reflects the current state of society, and different themes whether it be political, emotional, pop culture or even spiritual. In order to bring this to light he has created a universe of fictitious and very colorful characters thru the persona of The Lost Artist "TLA". These character serve as pieces of himself as if his brain were to explode and different fragments meta morphed into such characters. Although very pleasing to the eye, the meaning that goes behind each piece dives into much more serious and deeper issues that contain us humans in the holes that we live in today to be better understood and thru this become aware of such things.