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Darko Cuglievan

Darko Cuglievan was born the 14th of April 1988 in Lima, Peru. Having always been interested in the Arts he began painting as a hobby, selling his first canvass at the age of 16.

His passion for sculpture was only discovered once he was studying Multidisciplinary fine arts in University of the Arts, Philadelphia and Paris. At the age of 21 he was given the opportunity to be a ´copiste´ in one of the greatest museums in the world, the Louvre. In the museum he was taught how to paint like the old masters. Making his own oil paint from scratch he had the chance to copy paintings from masters such as Goya and Flandrin.

As his career involved broad knowledge in painting, sculpture and printmaking his art-work shows a ´melange´ of the techniques learned throughout his artistic life. He paints over canvass but sometimes calls his sculptures his canvass.

Currently Darko´s colorful paintings and sculptures focus on subjects such as the femme fatale, sexuality, extreme beauty, glossiness and contradictions. To him all his art-work is cathartic specially his lips and boots, where he expresses his feminine side as well as sensuality, temptation and danger.

BORN: April 14, 1988. Lima, Peru

EDUCATION: BFA Multidisciplinary Fine Arts, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA


2011 – Muestra CONTACTARTE en Claudia Paez, Lima, Peru
2011 – Cult: When art meets Fashion. Group Exhibition ,Lima, Peru
2011 – Art assistant Markham College, Lima, Peru.
2011 – ¨Androgyny¨ Group Exhibition at University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
2010 – Certified copier at Louvre Paris, France
2010 – ¨Die another day¨ solo Exhibition in Galeria del Barrio, Peru.
2010 - Exhibition Vernissage, Wells College, Paris, France.
2010 - Exhibition for CENTRUM, Lima, Peru.
2010- Inauguration del Blvd Marsano. Lima, Peru
2009 – Art color and darkoness, solo exhibition in Markham College, Lima, Peru.


Spanish, English and French.