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Magali Boehlen

Artist Magali Boehlen
Esoteric Contemporary Modern
Art for Consciousness

In the 1990s and thereafter, the Artist had a series of Out-of-Body Travelings…. She was introduced to other dimensional communities and began painting what she had seen and felt.

Energy Healer and Visual Artist Magali uses canvas as a medium for healing. Each piece contains a specific vibration of consciousness….

Since 1999, Magali has been working with the consciousness of human experience, the human energy field, meditative practices and as an energy healer. Her practice is in working with the more subtle yet powerful ‘Light Body’ as a professional healer an instructor and as an artist.

Artistically working with her hands, Magali relishes in her time spent painting, using color and sacred geometric scripture.

Magali beautifully explores the inter-dimensional communication in her latest series of work “SCROLLS OF THE ANCIENT GIANTS”, “SOUND OF COLOR” and “ART OF A FIFTH DIMENSIONAL KIND”.

Magali’s passion as both an energy healer instructor and as an artist is in assist the raising of frequency on the planet, one creation at a time… As the planet transforms, so are we transformed.

Born in Belgium, Magali resides in Miami Beach, Florida.