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Karen Rosenfarb

Karen Rosenfarb is an imaginative, painter, who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. Her works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and technique. Karen has developed an innovative style that blends precise realism with abstract expressionism. Her medium of choice is acrylics and most of her works are done on four connecting panels using amazing vibrant colors. Her contemporary portrait paintings are composed of unlikely colors with the intension to provoke the viewer’s thoughts. She paints with acrylics on canvas and uses a pallet knife to create the texture, dimension, beauty and emotion. Her use of vibrant colors and strong lines make her work an excellent choice for a wide range of purposes and projects. Karen is accomplished in using traditional methods as well as modern technique. Her paintings combine techniques with colors that dominate and have no limits. She loves to express her vision through art as well as creating works from client’s photographs.
Karen is a self-taught artist whose passion for art was influenced by her life experiences. She always had the thought of being a visual artist and has been especially inspired by the beauty that surrounds us daily. The encouragement she received from friends and family was paramount in her decision to paint professionally but, it was her inner desire to paint something that interacts and stirs one’s emotions that led her to those very first brushstrokes.
Art has been her secret passion, her dream, and an integral part of her being. To Karen, painting is a sacred and passionate journey, a tool for self expression, a way to capture the beauty of color and texture, and an outlet of her inner voice. It is the key that unlocked her spirit and is a realization of her life-long dream.