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Vincent Alexander

Who is Vincent Alexander? South Florida native, Chicago raised, multiple personality, dramatic lifestyle.

My definition of art is explained in one word; mystery. My work not only catches the eye but also makes the mind wonder. What a piece means to me means something totally different to another eye. It brings out a different emotion based on ones individual experiences.

I attempt to do this using many different techniques, everything from the brush stroke to the use of my fingers. The real treat is when I use the transparent gloss effects with the color choices that at times move quickly from dark to light to add depth to the work and resulting in an erotic behavior. I use this depth to capture the dark side and the light inside all of us. This brings out emotions that can be very quiet in addition to the emotions that scream.

These are the mysteries that I look to create; these mysteries of your mind that can be quite erotic to the nervous system.

I like to think of the entire process as poetry in paint.