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Ted Haft

Ted Haft was born and bred in New York City where his early passion was art. His experimentation was inspired by abstractionists and contemporary artists. He developed his own unique style while attending the High School of Art & Design, a place where only those with promise were admitted. He was awarded an art scholarship to Pratt Institute in New York City, but had to forego this coveted recognition to enter the business arena.

After a successful career in business, he is now realizing his dream and passion as an artist, "creating form with both high energy and meditative qualities". He has studied at The Art
Students League in New York City, Boca Museum of Art School and The William Reed Sculpture Studio and is continually exploring new and innovative artistic directions.

Today, Ted Haft is a signature member of the Boca Museum Artist Guild and is recognized in galleries and private collections throughout the USA. "I feel shapes and forms in my imagination, bursting to reveal and express themselves."