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Eli Pimentel

Since her infancy Eli lived submerged in an imaginary world. She studied Art in the studios of Boston College, and then in Florence, Italy where she was nourished by Florentine art and flourished into an accomplished oil painter. Upon graduating in the year 2001, she was awarded the College’s paramount prize for artistic excellence in recognition as the finest artist of the institution.

Since then, as a Venezuelan painter, Eli has worked arduously to give vision to her artistic voice. Focusing on landscapes, and employing the style of pointillism she searches for purity through nature in an almost realistic manner. Using light and color Eli strives to create refreshing landscapes of her country in her personal attempt to conserve its vulnerable and precious beauty.

During her career, she has participated in sixteen national and international collective exhibitions and has presented five solo shows. Eli maintains a web page: www.elipimentel.com, images in Facebook, and a studio in constant production. She has been interviewed for magazines, newspapers and television stations in Colombia, the United States and Venezuela, which include Globovisión TV in Caracas.