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Ivette Khoudari

I was born in Panama City, Panama. From a very early age I felt a great passion for the arts. I grew up around a family that loves art in every way. My Mother was dedicated to painting landscapes and still-lifes, and my Father who is a faithful lover of all kinds of music and instruments. I remember having painted artworks full of squares, circles and lines in full color in an obsessive manner, that is, until they were perfect. Each work of art begins with a special inspiration, and I always let my instinct guide me. In this moment I am building up the shapes. Never do I finish a work of art until I feel satisfied with what I have done.

Twenty two years ago I was married, had three children, and lived since then in Bogota, Colombia. In this city, I studied various visual-art courses. Moreover, I studied art history and psychoanalysis in the Los Andes University in Bogota, both of which helped me to grow and to develop as an artist. Even though most of my paintings are abstract, geometric, and very large, my work is concrete and induced by color; in other words, I use concrete elements, such as lines, different types of surfaces, dots and colors, all of which gain a specific and independent value. I have been researching in my artwork everything related to dots, such as different types of symbols, reaching to perfection.
I also have participated in a couple of group exhibitions, in addition to having organized a successful exhibition in a Colombian Gallery named Artecorporativo, where I donated part of my earnings to a group of poor people to whom I taught a little bit about art in general. I will be having various exhibitions this year right here in Colombia; first, in the Hilton Hotel in Cartagena, second, in the Carmel Club, Bogota, and third, in the Galeria Casa Cuadrada, and a couple more....

The most important thing for me is that the general public will feel something when they see my artwork, either positive or negative; and that they would live through my experiences from my designs.

The artists who have inspired me are Gerard Richter, Richard Miller, Yayoi Kusama, Jackson Pollock, and Clifford Possum, among others. My styles have evolved over time thanks to the intensity of my work in later years, in addition to my self-discipline to struggle and improve.

Experience is the best school, and as a result, I can improve even more in what I do.