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Wilo Vargas

Wilo Vargas was born in northern Peru. He first pursued a professional career in Fine Arts at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Trujillo (1985 – 1990) and later completed his academic studies in Archeology at the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo (1991 – 1998). To this date, he successfully manages to intertwine his time as an incredibly talented artist and a highly skilled archeologist feeding one passion off the other. He finds his inspiration in Archeology of Ancient Peruvian cultures, another of his lifelong passions. When he is in contact with pre-Hispanic finds, the lines and colors left by ancient artists, talk to him of a parallel universe; a universe which he tries to represent and bring to live throughout his work. The name Wilo has chosen for this beautiful collection is “Magia Huanchaquera” (“Magic from Huanchaco”, a sanctuary located north to Lima - Peru) for all the themes in his paintings are linked to the mythology, rituals and popular beliefs of the inhabitants and fishermen of this Peruvian coastal town. Wilo tries to imprint reality through the vision of an “Andean creator” where the fantastic, the symbolic and the magical transcends the formal reality bringing forms and figures that he doesn’t intentionally look for but finds in his creative process.