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Wendy Cohen

Committed to creativity and individuality, Wendy Cohen’s whimsical paintings are inspired by her passionate gusto for life. Cohen’s paintings, boldly colored and elaborately textured, embody her imaginative, nuanced experience of the people, places and nature surrounding her. Through her vivacious abstraction, Cohen whisks the viewer away on a mystical journey into a sensuous, jubilant world. Cohen’s foremost motif is the human face, which she shapes with an animated, lyrical line. Influenced by traditional African masks, as well as modern masters such as Picasso and Pollock, these abstracted human faces come alive through Cohen’s symphony of brushstrokes and saturated color. Cohen states that her “paintings are an authentic journey of all that is fantastical and adventurous.” Undeniably, Cohen’s euphoric imagery urges the viewer to embrace life’s rich experiences. Like a cacophony of laughter, Cohen’s profusely textured canvases compel us to take notice of the pleasures and beauty that surrounds us.
A native of Cape Town, South Africa, Cohen lives and works in Sydney, Australia.