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Bener Menguc

Bener Menguc is a fine art photographer who specializes in the macro world of nature. He presents us with images from a world that is completely unique and utterly unfamiliar.

His subjects are photographed in their natural habitats, unaltered, untouched. His images reflect the true artistry of nature with vivid colors and phenomenal details. “Although far from perfect, every image that I capture has the true essence of mother nature’s

As an artist, Menguc aims to share a “Moment In Time” with his audience. It is not difficult to guess what his source of inspiration is.
"Everyday we are surrounded by nature’s miracles. We just have to slow down and appreciate”.

He grew up studying his grandfather’s medical books, learning the science of life on earth. He also was in constant observation of his father, who studied photography in college and enjoyed it as a hobby for many years. The alliance between the two forged a sense of unique perspective, which is the force behind his creativity.

For nearly two decades, Menguc has been sharpening his skills, traveling constantly to capture that perfect image. He believes that learning never ends. “Everyday is a new challenge and every challenge is a new opportunity to grow not only as a photographer but
also as a person.”

Bener Menguc currently resides in Miami, Florida, and he is consistently involved in his community and strives to raise awareness for local charities.

My goal as a photographer is to share the extraordinary, yet very accessible miracles of nature that I witness everyday. I know that a single image can evoke thousands of emotions within me and I hope that my audience will feel the same.

In every image, I try to capture perfection, which is an endless quest.
This very concept is the fuel behind my motivation. I feel very fortunate to be in the world of photography, which has allowed me to appreciate the delicate balance of nature. I try to immortalize the otherwise fragile existence of life and share it with the world.

My images are not meant to be three dimensional experiences, however they can be powerful gateways, encouraging, urging and daring. They can jump-start dormant and subconscious instincts that
are instilled in our DNA.