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Carolina Himmel

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, almost in summer, under Sagittarius sun.

My family loved all kind of art expression. My grandfather, an Austrian architect who was strongly attracted by the small European villages, used to spend most of his time representing them on cardboards. Watercolors, delicate and precise , his artwork still remains in my memories.

My mother, a highly dedicated fashion designer. A great one!

My father, an extravagant German, painting in the attic very late at night. Climbing silently the stairs, almost haunted, enchanted by curiosity, I could see him, in a pair of purple jeans. He was watering his painting with a hose, dazzled by the impact that caused the water jets in his work.

Odell was my teacher, I deeply admire her. So genuine, her look so feline, her voice amazingly soft. “ A dancing star can only come from chaos. “- she once said to me. Personally, I still doubt it.

I love abstractions, warm colors, white and black. Signs and symbols appear frequently; they enhance what I want to convey.

I love textures, sand, little stones, fabric, tar. I scratch, scrape and manipulate different densities of matter. My painting is usually thick and consistent. I love the rustic, Andean, the aboriginal.

My art is just a mirror, an instrument that disturbs the observer´s perceptual habits. Through it, I attempt to express my most intimate forces.

Art connects me with the exceptional and the uncommon. Art reveals an amazing new reality. Art is joy!