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Jacki Boss

Native Calgarian, Jacki Boss grew up with a passion for both horses and drawing. She combined the two and continually worked on perfecting her skill at drawing horses. Bored with the limitations of paper and pencil, Jacki gradually explored other mediums, like charcoal, oil pastel and oil paint. She admired the work of equine artist, George Stubbs, and at the age of fourteen was inspired to produce her first oil painting.

Keen to experiment, a range of works has evolved. Pen and ink works done in pointillism reveal imagery from within the artist and lean towards the surreal. A love of color has ignited a saturated view of the landscapes around us. Simple objects, animals and human figure, emit fine detail that can be brought to attention with careful eye-catching techniques or can be twisted into abstract form. Texture is as equally appealing to this artist, as being visually stimulated, and mixed media, especially the mixing of sands or glass in acrylic gel mediums, are a favorite technique.

Travels “off the beaten path”, to places such as Guatemala, Thailand and Japan, have also had their influences on the artist. Common threads keep reappearing from place to place and etch themselves in the artist’s mind as a twist on an old favorite. The mountains of Chamonix, France, Banff, Alberta or Matsumoto, Japan…all very different from each other but with equal familiarities. Whether painting in traditional renaissance style or adopting a looser modern form, various patterns display themselves in her works and tend to reveal ethnic flavors that can also be as intimate as home.

“My goal is to cultivate an unconstrained body of work; to be influenced by my environment as it changes and to portray common denominators in the global landscape.”

Jacki Boss has relocated her studio, “One-i-Jack Studio” from Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2008 and now works from her new space in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. Recently, the artist’s work has been accepted for group exhibition during the summer of 2010, at Art Fusion Gallery, in Miami’s Design District. The growing collection of works by this versatile artist, are also, still sold in Alberta. Clients are enjoying purchased works across Canada, the United States, several European countries and the Caribbean.