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Adrian Torres

ADRIÁN TORRES LEDESMA began to draw at a very young age and started to cultivate his instinctive painting artistry at the Universities of Fine Arts of Seville and Barcelona, Spain. A native of Jerez de la Frontera in Cadiz, Spain, he has been exposed to the diverse hues of life. Towns like Manzanares and Conil, where his family settled, cities like Seville and Barcelona in Spain, and Dallas and Fort Worth in the US nurtured his inspiration and sharpened his intuitive, vigilant skills. It was in the States where he started to showcase his works in art exhibits and galleries, having passed through Ron Tomlinson’s studio, a visual arts master who greatly influenced him.

Like a magician, Adrián highlights the magnificence of simple daily visuals in an undeniable offering to us all. He reaches out to touch us, and before we even know it, we find ourselves surrendering to those eyes that stare at us from his canvases; or we are suddenly enthralled by a sun-lit horse tail that looks like it is about to break free from its suspended motion.

With Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Frida Khalo, Egon Schieler and Tapies as main influences, Adrián’s textures and colors dance together in an intriguing delight, because it is almost impossible to look away.

His works reflect a definite contrast among lines, shades, rationale and passion, which he expresses vigorously, always resorting to color. These are the words that best define what he does: color, expression and vigor from within. Fear has no place in his execution.

Adrián believes in a painting process that is free, yet with a force that is both, expressive and truthful; being open to all influences, trying all that is possible and undergoing trial and error in order to learn and achieve completion.

His philosophy is to experiment, to err, to learn, to construct, to deconstruct, to form, to deform and to express what has been learned… positively.

“The more experiences you have, the more resourceful you become. If you know how to arrive at the structure of things, you can interpret and utilize that knowledge your way, always with a vision to offer.” -Adrián

He enraptures us with his unique expressionism and hope, and this is unforgettable.

--Gabriela Lomonaco

Adrián Torres Ledesma (Jerez de la Frontera,1982) es una bomba de pigmentos creada con pólvora andaluza, de carcasa fundida en Barcelona (allí terminó sus estudios de Bellas Artes), que sufrió una explosión controlada en los estudios de Ron Tomlinson de Texas.

En su obra hay un istmo que une los Estados Unidos y la península de la piel del toro, es el azul del Océano Atlántico, que aparece tanto en los cielos de los paisajes mas tejanos, como en las aguas del puerto pesquero de Conil de la Frontera ( donde reside actualmente ).

Para él,pintar , es el modo de autodescubrirse, jugando con las dicotomias : Razón vs. Pasión y Linea vs. Mancha. La equivocación , en contra de lo que habitualmente se piensa, la utiliza como cimientos rígidos , que unidos a los pilares fuerza y color, construyen el edificio de la expresión mas pura.

Difícil es encasillarlo dentro de alguna corriente ya que reniega de los “-ismos” .Sus pinturas afilan los sentidos, en sus retratos hay ojos que saben mirar.

--Felix Ortiz de Galisteo ( Músico y poeta)