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Olga Dziembowska

The artistic journey started when I was only three years of age when I remember drawing with my father. When I was five friends of my parents handed me a bunch of markers and told me to draw on their walls. As a child you could imagine how much fun that was. I loved to draw animals, especially moms with their litter. When I turned eight years of age, I took private art lessons. Later I finished a five-year degree with the National Institute of Fine Arts in Gdynia, Poland. During that time I was being commissioned to do work for local businesses and private sector.

After I moved to the U.S., I started bestodart. Most of my customers were located in Florida, California and Chicago. Among these works were paintings, murals, portraits, commercial and residential. The challenge of creating and making someone happy through my work is what inspires me the most. Life is too short to have white walls. I'm best suited at the sight of rain, the sound of music and a very large piece of canvas or the blank wall.

A theme that often seems to creep into my work is the presence of animals. This is perhaps not coincidental as I place a high value on animals and also do fear the disruptions that human presence has on our world and nature. I fear the pollution that we seem to produce in excessive proportions and the effect of our greedy overuse of resources. I fear the effect of the invasion by so called human progress onto the nature around us, deforestation and the destruction of the habitats of many indigenous species. I am hopeful that I may some day be able to have a voice in this matter that will actually be heard and that to some extend may bear with it positive influence on a better future for the natural like around us and all over the world.

I basically paint what I feel like unless I have been given a specific assignments for a client.A lot of my previous work has been comissioned by people with specific needs or jobs at hand. Such work has included murals on the outside of practically a whole house, to paintings of minor murals in children's rooms, nurseries and schools, to portrait of children, husbands and wives and cats and recently 14 illustrations for a book of poetry. I have also created faux walls in homes and many, many other assignments large and small.

I have always been very inspired by Caravaggio and his paintings. Not least I am very impressed by the way in which he uses the light in his paintings and how the paintings oftentimes seems as if only lit by candlelight. I love the details he portrays and not least the expressions of his figures and the fact it feels as if you could almost walk into the paintings. I often paint very naturalistic and very detailed. I am highly inspired by the light and how it affects what we are seeing.

There are the different techniques I work in. My artworks can be very diverse, and can range from paintings in oil, acrylic paints to mixed media and sculpting.