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Helle-Louise Kierkegaard

Educated as an art teacher from The College of Copenhagen, Denmark. Helle-Louise has worked as an artist for the past 15 years. She has developed her own mysterious and unique art form – which is appreciated all over the world. Currently, Helle-Louise lives and works as an independent artist in Miami where she recently won 1st prize at the Doral Latin American Art Fest. At the moment she is working on four different gallery exhibitions scheduled in Miami this year. Her future bookings are scheduled in Europe and Miami.

People call her art Awakening and Genius – a mix of angelic sensibility and rawness. The artist use of colors and layers create a unique depth in her paintings. Her artwork brings you into a spiritual world filled with nostalgia and a belief in a new beginning.

She paints with wings of an angel, and the symbolism in her artwork is inspired by the world of magic and ancient beliefs. Some critics call her artwork “the sound of intense magical expressionism”.

Experience the world of a new promising artist with the goal to awake your imagination and your dreams. Her art will make you feel, that