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Irene Sagmeister

The journey that led Irene Sagmeister to her current mode of expression was a fairly long one. The preferred materials are glass, mirror glass and metal. In the creative phase the artist finds herself in presently, her work is dominated by mirror glass elements.

The pieces are characterized by a particularly strong formal expressivity. The individual bits of glass refract light and movement, according to the course taken by the contours. Existing forms and elements of color come into play individually, with new effects emerging. Each tiny mutation creates its own piece of art within the work of art. The pictures live. Solid material becomes alive, a dialogue develops with the observer.

Irene Sagmeister draws inspiration from everyday life and from her frequent travels, by preference to southern lands. Her work is created in Zurich (Switzerland), Kärnten (Austria) or in her atelier in Piemont (Italy) where she gives shape to her impressions, far from the urban hustle and bustle.

By inheritance she is endowed with extraordinary sensitivity and creative energy. She arrived at her creative production in its contemporary form by way of glass painting and Tiffany. Her creations are at the same time pictures and pieces of sculpture; in their form, unique. Following the initial autodidactic experiments with colored glass, she refined the tools of her craft in various glass art workshops. Skillful craftsmanship, sensitive interpretation and clear forms are the trademarks of her surrealistic compositions that have acquired a language of their own.