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Yazmin Arzola

Artist Bio
Yazmin Arzola was born in Cuba in 1970.
She started expressing her creative side at a very young age by drawing, making clay figures, and wood carvings.
She came to the U.S. with her family at the age of ten years old.
Her abilities for creativity were always noticed by art teachers and many others.
She participated in various school art events, always finding true satisfaction and escape in creating new things.
She had very little formal training and is mainly self-taught.
In 1997 she began oil painting and developing her style inspired by different elements of life's surroundings.
She was brought up with strong spiritual beliefs and family values.
Her greatest inspirations are her mother who she believes is responsible for her creative side, for her ability in clothes designing and sewing, the greatest masters of all times; Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, also watching cartoons growing up, and of course, today's Romero Britto.
Artist Statement
"My goal is to create a world that awakes the imagination, where anything is possible". I paint from the heart. My never resting imagination is my favorite tool. My inspiration comes in many forms, from the every day familiar to mystical fairy tales and dreams. I believe the struggles we go through and our surroundings are the best teachers in our journey through life to shape us into what we are. I will continue to work in improving myself as an artist to give my best. Through my art, I am inviting all generations into the art world, with images that invoke the child inside us all.
My inner world is broad, and sometimes
complex, but filled with love, hope, light, and color. I'm a passionate child at heart that will never grow up or stop dreaming, that loves life and it's simplicities. This is what a project through my art. So...here's a little peek into Yazmin Arzola's world...