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Alain Potrel

I was born in Granville (Normandy, France) in April 1964 and stayed there until the end of my secondary school. Then I moved to Rennes (Brittany, France) to attend the University where I stayed for more or less ten years, the time I completed my PhD in Earth Sciences.
In 1995 I went away from France for the first time as I was hired by a Peruvian gold mine, I stayed five months in the Peruvian Andes. Then I started a two years and a half contract as a visiting lecturer at the Federal University of Brasilia (Brazil). I arrived in Canada in 1999, first for a three years contract at the University of Quebec in Montreal and then at the Memorial University of St John’s (Newfoundland) where I live, for the moment...
Between these contracts directly linked to my field of study I had a lot of periods of unemployment during which I had to work in various jobs and places: encyclopedia seller in Paris, house renovator in Normandy, dishwasher, doorman and bartender in St John’s, and so on...
I started to paint in September 2005 and since this date I had various personal and collective exhibitions, mainly in Canada, St John’s (Roxxy’s, Oct.-Nov. 05; Feb.-March 06; Apr.-May 07; The Masonic Temple, July 06; Nov. 06; The first space Gallery, May-July 07; May-Aug. 08; The Rogue Gallery, March 08) and Montreal (Gora Gallery, July 07) and also in St Pierre et Miquelon, France, (Centre culturel et sportif, Jan.-Fev. 08) and Winston-Salem, NC, USA (Karma Salon and Gallery and Urban Artware Gallery, May-June 08).

I never really studied Art, I just paint my life, and life is an Art.