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N.V. Jiminian

Nahir “Vikki” Jiminian came to Boston Massachusetts from Puerto Rico in 1969 when she was just three years old.

From a young age, Vikki showed an affinity for drawing and painting. Although teachers, friends and family complimented and praised Vikki for her drawing talents, it was initially looked upon as a diversion. It wasn’t until 1991 that she seriously considered art as a vocation. Tired of the limiting office environment and periodic layoffs, she started to focus her efforts towards realizing an artistic career when she was encouraged to paint some portraits for a business office in Boston. “I am a late bloomer yet a fast learner.” Her early paintings were mostly abstract acrylics with bold colors and linear dynamics.

Following a move to Los Angeles in 1996, Vikki began to formally study drawing and painting at Santa Monica College (SMC). She spent one year in New York (1999-2000), continuing her painting and drawing classes at The Art Student League of New York. At the same time, she also took design and printing classes at The Parsons School in New York. She moved back to California and completed her studies at SMC then transferred to UCLA in 2004 where she majored in Art History and acquired her BA. “Years ago, I was sitting in a café when someone in the party commented on a Chagall that was hanging on the wall. I didn’t know anything about Chagall or the concept of art history. I knew then that I wanted, and needed, to learn all I could.”

Now a resident of South Florida, Vikki continues to paint with oils as her medium of choice. Her paintings, mostly autobiographical in nature, still possess strong geometric forms, and bold colors, developed in her youth.

“I hoped to have a gallery by the time I was 30. Instead I finished my undergraduate degree and had two gorgeous girls. Now I am still shooting for the gallery but I also focus on being a great mom and a serious painter. I am working towards having my work recognized and appreciated.”