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C. Bertling

My father was an advertising illustrator and I spent my youth inside his crayon boxes, igniting my interest in colours and creativity.

In 1950’s Sweden little girls went to ballet school, and I was no exception, further deepening my love for the creative flow, music, poetry and the arts.

During the 70’s I lived in numerous hippie communities, one of the most experimental being the Pacific Experiment High School in America in 1972-73. Our teacher and mentor Mr Vavy Gravy taught us to re-invent life over and over again, with no restrictions as to how this was done and has inspired me greatly.

In 1974 I decided to end my drug experimentations, and through simple play create and manifest my dreams and artistry.

I became a mother at a young age, and my three children have always been a big part in my music, theatres and painting.

1988 I grew up, got a job and lived on regular income. As a scenographer I have created hundreds of “spaces” in which films, television and live acts could be performed and filmed.

In 1999 a trip to Africa had a profound impact on my expressiveness in my art, and much of my colours and shapes come from this richness in history, culture and art.

Today I feel that myself getting stronger and stronger in my artistic expression, and I have recently enjoyed 3 hugely successful exhibits in Stockholm, where I live and work.


Performance artist 1075- 89

Scenographer for TV and Film, 1988- 2008


School of performing arts, Sweden 1959- 62

Opera ballet School, Sweden 1963- 64

Theatre School, Sweden 1965- 66

Art School, Sweden 1985- 87