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Alan Londin

My career as an art Director in New York has allowed me a special life of art and creativity. Working with people such as Andy Warhol was very rewarding. I could relate to the way he looked at things. He did not just see soup cans on a shelf in the grocery, but an artistic display of color and design. He put this on canvas for the world to see this mundane exhibit in a new way.

This is how I perceive the world. My eye as an artist sees shape, color, design and scale. This is sometimes frustrating because I am always trying to make it better. Painting and making art is the outlet for my creative thoughts. I do much traveling and have lived in Italy and Mexico.

Sculpture and folk art have inspired me to do my new collages of masks in mixed media.

Art Director-New York
Professor- Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Galleries- De Vorzon-Los Angeles
Gallery 224 - Laguna Beach, CA
Little Art Gallery - S. Hampton, NY
Gallery Claudine-Paris, France

Paintings: Sold in Japan, Paris, New York, California, Florida

I now live in Sunny Isles Beach, FL