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Adriana Cora

She was born in December 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lives and works.
Almost 15 years ago, studying Fashion Design career, she was decide to assist to a colors workshop, in order to implement that knowledge in the fabrics design process, from that point she forgot the fashion and embraced a passion: painting.

Self-taught artist, attending workshops by leading local artists in search of acquiring and perfecting various techniques,
such as live model drawing, digital gravure, non-acid etching (intaglio), also participates in groups and clinics of art work analysis
with well known artist like as Marino Santa Maria, Fabiana Barreda, etc.
She has participated in local and national competitions, as well as group exhibitions.

Among her recent shows, stand out: "Portals of Perception"- Agora Gallery- Chelsea- New York- USA - "Crisis, what crisis?" - Wannabee Gallery - Milano- Italy- "Circa Puerto Rico┬┤10 - International Art Fair"- San Juan de Puerto Rico- "Incantations of Multi-Color" - Art Fusion Galleries - Miami Design District - USA-2010 / / Fusion VI-Creative Vibrations - Miami Design District - USA-2009 - / / Artbo - 09 -- International Art Fair in Bogota - Colombia -2009 / / "Una y Mil Mujeres" - Bacano Art - Buenos Aires - 2009 - / / "A Global Affair" - Art Fusion Galleries - Miami Design District - USA- 2008 - / / "La Mala Educacion"- Philadelphia Espacio de Arte - Buenos Aires - 2008 -" Outcast "- Pabellon 4 - Buenos Aires-2007 / "Otros Rincones"- Pabellon 4 - Buenos Aires - 2006

About her work

She starts writing her own text , in a chaotic or ordered way, being at the same time sketching and support of the subject matter. From there take pictures of their surroundings, their friends, models and even their own family archives, and submit such images to the surgery of digital technology, new characters reinvented. After that, sometimes printing on canvas or vinyl, sometimes takes this digital result as a sketch, and starts the process on the easel in order to complete her work aplying textured acrylics, achieving a finish that nearly escapes the bi-dimensionality.