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Blima was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, the daughter of an accomplished artist father and a school teacher mother. Her passion for art began at an early age largely a result of her father’s influence and her talent was clearly genetic and evident early on. It was he who gave her the basics of artistic creation and it was she who worked to excel and develop her intrinsic gift. She studied art at university in both Brazil and the United States to help refine what had become a lifelong commitment to paint. While she committed her early adult life to raising a family, she is finally now prepared to pursue a career that has been her life’s dream since her childhood.

Blima has participated in art shows and has won peer reviewed competition. She has sold her works on two continents and has donated many works to charitable events. She has used various different mediums in her early works and today she has largely confined and mastered the use of acrylics on canvas. While she does not have a defined style, her paintings have been described as a combination of surrealism and fantasy. Each painting tells its own story, and she has many stories yet to tell.

Her goals for the future are really quite simple. She wants to create art for the pleasure that it brings her, and wants to continue to express her visions of life in a way that only she can, with a canvas and a brush. She wants others to see life the way that she sees it, for the simplicity and innocence in all that is beautiful.