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The paintings of Florangel, a Cuban artist, can be placed between the limits of dream and reality, similes that blur and intermix, not allowing the two elements to be separated. They place us in front of paintings vigorous in color, utilizing large spaces that support a painting that is flat and eminently decorative, sometimes approaching the poster, a danger that she avoids with pictorial ability and instinct.

Because her technique is mature, and because she possesses the many resources of a great painter. In her very lyric work we can see, or maybe suspect, some element close to the NAIF movement, from which she captures so much freedom. There is also some surrealism, which somehow takes her afar from the expressionist component and from her innovative narrative sense. Her fine sensibility takes us to images filled with nostalgia, as in her canvas “Resignation in a Havana Terrace”, an evident sample of her narrative power, that world of which only she holds the key, and that she allows us to see in her splendid work, for world enjoyment and our new hopes.