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Maia Vasilieva

Maia Vasilieva was born in Russia. Interest toward art and painting appeared since childhood. It was her favored thing to do at school and at home.? A famous artist Svetlana Juravleva taught at Maia’s school. In the first few weeks of art lessons Juravleva was very impressed with Maia’s talent. Her passion for art and desire to pursue her teacher’s knowledge brought them very close. Vasilieva spent most of her time at teacher’s workshop sketching and painting.
? Maia never thought about her favorite subject seriously. After graduation she quit painting for a while because it was time to work and there was no more room for hobbies. She had different goals in life but she knew that ‘one day’
? Some time traveling in Russia Vasilieva had visited very famous art museums in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Each time after the unforgettable experience the passion toward art came back.?In 1994 she moved to Miami and began painting once again. Maia knew that ‘one day’ is here. The first step was difficult after all those years. It was hard to know where to begin because there are so many different and valid ways to start.
? Vasilieva was largely self-taught relying on books, magazines and video lessons for much of her early training. It is help Maia to learn useful principles and techniques. It is gave her the practice she needed to create a realistic images with correct shapes and color notes-accurately proportioned and placed.
? Vasilieva work is often described as realism-naturalism, although her interest is more with color and composition. In 2002 she graduated The Stratford Career Institute with honors (Interior Decorating and Design).
? In present time Maia work as an Interior Designer in Miami and continued to develop her talent as part-time fine artist.
? “I always want to pass reality to my painting to reflect a certain moment of life and time. I pay extra attention to details,shapes,volume and color to pursue the harmony and connection. To create has never been difficult task for me in fact it is my way to express something natural, free like breath it self and the same time it is something pleasant and full of enjoyment.
? My goal is to bring all my potential to life and give people real art Something that lives, breathes and inspires.”