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David E. Gonya

David is a person of many talents and interests and is equally at home in the arts and engineering. His earlier career as an engineer has provided him with an understanding of the tools and processes necessary to sculpt. His pieces show his technical capabilities as well as his long dormant need to express himself artistically. As a sculptor, he has discovered his personal way to show many of life's perspectives, emotions and visions. He works primarily in stone (soapstone, alabaster, limestone and marble) and metal. David sculpts abstract as well as figurative pieces.

He formally started his sculpting training in 1988 at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has maintained a studio subsequently in Ohio, Florida, and Puerto Rico. In early 2000, he relocated to Sarasota, Florida and works at his studio on Ashton Court—adjacent to the Bronzart foundry. He is in private or public collections in Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Maryland, Wisconsin, New York and now Miami.

Artist Statement

I AM A SCULPTOR. I live, think and create art in a 3-D world. My created images are expressions of emotions and concepts. It is true that I get satisfaction in having my works well received; however, in reality, I do this only for myself. I have been strongly influenced by the sculpture of Henry Moore and the architecture of Antonio Gaudi.