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Naga Reshi

The art of Naga Reshi can be described as a fusion between the ancient and the futuristic. Each painting is created in with unique style, technique, and media combinations.
Never formally trained, Naga has studied independently many of the sacred styles of the east, tribal artwork, and modern visionary art.

Inspired by extensive travel, life experience, and spiritual exploration, Naga’s work is consistent in creating deep feelings of sacredness and peace. His colorful pieces induce reflection and a meditative mind space. Naga’s art has appeared on music CD’s, TV, Film, galleries, museums, murals, print, clothing, and the internet.

The unique character of each painting is achieved through constant experimentation of mixed media including natural minerals & pigments, metals, plant extracts, stone, and modern art materials. Subjects include devotional pieces of great beings, pure realms, dreams, and mind reflections.