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Talia Rodriguez

Talia Rodriguez likes to paint. In fact, so much so that she has decided to paint for a living… while occasionally teaching others to paint on the side. Ideally, she would love to paint the colorful people of the Mediterranean alongside the greats…Matisse, Chagall, Toulousse, Frida; just to name a few favorites…but alas, they are gone and Miami is her home. Luckily, Miami has proven to be a very unexpected yet welcomed muse and she is happy to find inspiration around every corner.

Dreams, mermaids and love are three things she believes in with her whole heart and they tend to show up often in her artwork. She believes in the healing power of bright colors and makes sure to use them in most of her paintings. She has just opened her own painting studio from which she works, teaches and holds monthly art events at.

Apart from art, she feels happiest when she is in love, in the ocean or amongst family and friends. She loves good eatin’, good laughs, great music, photography and fulfilling travel adventures.